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The above prices are for 4-hour service. 4-hour service is available until 2pm.
For 2-hour service, add 50% to the 4-hour price. 2-hour service is available until 4pm.
For 1-hour service add 100% to the 4-hour price. The availability of 1-hour service for Bay Area jobs is subject to traffic conditions and delivery distance.
All jobs ordered after 4pm will be charged the 1-hour price. 

Additional Pricing Notes: 
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday. 8am - 6pm
For deliveries after normal business hours call for availability and pricing.
Waiting Time: No charge for the first 5 minutes, 70 cents per minute thereafter. 
Weight Charges: 20 cents per pound for deliveries over 25 pounds.
Legal Service Charge: a $15 charge will be added to all court filings and service or process.
Miscellaneous Charges: There will be separate charges for wrong addresses, attempted pickups and deliveries and packages requiring special handling.
Our liability per shipment is limited to $100 and is fully explained in our Terms and Conditions of Service.

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